BBQ Wings

Delicious grilled chicken wings, served with our special dipping Sauce.

Grilled Jheenga

Delicious jumbo prawns marinated in traditional spices, just rightly grilled with special chutney.

BBQ Specialties
Spice Bazaar Mix Grill

(Prawn, Fish Tikka, Mutton Chop, Chicken Seekh Kabab, Chicken Malai Boti, Beef Tikka, BBQ Batair, Beef Seekh Kabab, Murgh-e-Angar served with Mutton Pulao )

Beef BBQ
Beef Boti

Delicious beef marinated in traditional spices, served with mint sauce.

Beef Khoya Kabab

Minced beef blended with special spices & khoya, charcoal grilled, served with mint sauce.

Fresh Lime
Chicken - Handis & Currys
Murgh Achari Masala

Delicious chicken cooked with our homemade traditional pickle.

Murgh Handi

Boneless chicken cooked with exotic curry sauce, flavored with traditional spices.

Chicken BBQ
Chicken Cheese Kabab

Grilled minced chicken stuffed with cheese & traditional spices, served with mint Sauce.

Chicken Malai Boti

Boneless cubes of chicken, charcoal grilled with a creamy texture, served with mint Sauce.

Daal Makhni

Our house specialty, signature lentil curry, prepared in butter and cream.

Daal Masoor

Delicious yellow lentil, prepared in homemade spices.

Kulfi & Faluda

Rich creamy milk kulfi topped with faluda and rose syrup is delicious, cooling and filling.

Family Platter
Family Platter

(Lamb Namkeen Tikka, Seekh Kabab, Chapal Kabab, Namkeen Chicken Boti & Khyber Pulao) served with Chatpati

From Khyber
Chappal Kabab

Traditional spiced minced beef, shallow-fried on hot cast-iron pan.

Dampukht Gosht (Rosh)

Lamb shanks cooked with potatoes in a traditional Peshawari style.

Kids Corner
Grilled Chicken Sandwich with French Fries
Nuggets with French Fries
Mutton Dahi Wala

Delicious mutton cooked in yogurt curry & special spices.

Mutton Handi

Boneless mutton cooked with an exotic curry sauce, flavored with traditional spices.

Mutton BBQ
Mutton Chop

Perfectly grilled delicious mutton chops , served with mint sauce.

Mutton Gola Kabab

Charcoal grill minced mutton, blended with special spices & herbs, served with mint sauce.

Allo Naan
Cheese Naan
Qehwa Khana
Adraki Chai
Chocolate Chai
Baingan ka Bharta

A refreshing treat of homemade yogurt with blended eggplant, green chili, onion & tomatoes .

Mint Raita

A refreshing treat of homemade yogurt with finely blended mint leaves

Butter Rice

Steamed white rice tossed in our home made butter. A favorite accompaniment with our curry-based dishes and lentils

Chicken Biryani

Aromatic basmati rice with chicken, in a masterful blend of traditional spices

Allo Paratha
Qandhari Roti
Chicken Apple & Pineapple salad

A sweet & savory combination of chicken and pineapple made with our special homemade sauce

Fresh Green Salad

Freshly cut onions, tomatoes and cucumber served on a bed of crisp lettuce leaves with lemon

Sea Food
Fish Curry

Red snapper prepared in a mouth-watering curry Sauce, with our chef’s recommended spices.

Fish Tikka

Marinated cubes of fish in wholesome spices, grilled to perfection.

Daal Shorba

A house Favorite lentil soup, with a hint of lemon.

Desi Murgh Yakhni

Organic Chicken broth with chicken chunks, served with traditional herbs & spices.

Desi Murgh Karahi

All time favorite traditional desi chicken karahi, made with traditional spices, herbs and homemade butter.

Murgh Musallam

Whole chicken marinated overnight in fresh herbs and spices, served on a bed of minced meat.

Tawa Corner
Maghaz Masla

Delicately cooked with onions & tomatoes on hot plate, flavored with traditional spices & butter.

Taka Tak (Maghaz, Gurdah, Champ)

A wonderful combination of maghaz, gurdah & champ minced on a hot plate,flavored with special spices & butter.

Curry Pakora

Cooked in a tantalizing sour yogurt sauce and special spices.

Palak paneer

Tendered chunks of fresh homemade cottage cheese in a creamed spinach.